You Matter. And there's No Payback.


You have been blessed with your life.

This gift is free.

And you don’t need to give something back to compensate.

You don’t have to be or do anything special.

Your presence alone is Enough.


You Matter. And there’s no payback.


Your voice matters.

Your story matters.

Your circumstance matters.

Your vision matters.

You action matters.


You Matter. And there’s no payback.


Your emotions matter.

Your feelings matter.

Every cell in your body matters.

Every breath you take matters.


You Matter. And there’s no payback


Even when the world fails to communicate how necessary that you are.

You are necessary

You are relevant.

You are significant.

You belong.


You matter. And there’s no payback.



A weekly intimate + juicy  conversation where I explore with women from all walks of life what it means to live a life of pleasure.

We debunk old stories that keep us stuck in self-depletion. We share uncomplicated self-love / self-care practices that will make you feel more alive, sexy and hopeful.