Reclaim your body.

Because no matter what you’ve been told or experienced your body is not the enemy.

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Imagine that your day is structured to nourish your needs for spaciousness and freedom. You have a relentless reverence for your soul desires.

You feel flexible, strong and gorgeous in your body. Your wardrobe is an expression of your radiance and sensuality.  Your are turned on to your creativity, beauty and power.

You feel Unrestrained.

It’s a life where you are experiencing deep trust in who you are and what you need.

This is a nourishing and grounding space to be in…and I know that’s what your heart is yearning for.

Unfortunately, the cultural pressure on yourself to always look better, feel better and act better, blocks you off from your body and from what you really need and want.

Here's what I want you to know

Your body is not the enemy.

and it doesn’t lie.


When you give yourself what your body and your soul most need, you are building the foundation for true self- love to be present in your life.

When you surrender to your body’s wisdom – you walk in a clear path of the things that are a reflection of what you believe in.


When you create the space to tend to your hungers and longings, you are healing, growing, expanding and stepping more fully into the person that you are and that you want to BE.

Most importantly, when you do all of that,  you inspire other women to do the same for themselves and together we’re creating a ripple effect of dismantling the patriarchal narrative that says ” our body”  need to CONFORM.

You are life !

…and for life to sustain itself, life needs to be cherished, nourished while taking care of all other parts of life.

This is why I created Women Living Unrestrained and Unrestrained Body as part of this experience. What started as just a personal practice has now become the work that I do with women, like you.

I am so thrilled to invite you to UNRESTRAINED BODY — a 100 day group experience – immersing you to the practices, perspectives, and sacred friendship that heal your relationship with your body and bring you back to your true power, personal agency and brilliance.

I hope you decide to join us!

Unrestrained Body is not another program that you do...

100 DAYS

Designed to help you create a new story of love and trust with your body(and yourself).

A Sacred Practice

Created to help you show up for your body and yourself with devoted care and sacred attention.

A Sacred Conversation

Focused to help you see and receive yourself wholeheartedly.

It's not Just You

Women from all walks of life are living a fractured and distorted version of womanhood and because of that most of us have chosen( unconsciously) to box in and blend in the decor.

Which of course is contributing to keep alive Body Domination and Women Domination.

But we don’t have to keep playing the game.

We can do this differently .

  • Instead of hiding parts of our body  that we don’t love, we can have the courage to show them off.
  • Instead of blaming our body for not losing the weight and lacking energy, we can try to listen and understand our physiology and
  • metabolism.
  • Instead of disconnecting and looking away, we can be fully present.
  • Instead of forcing ourselves to fit in and conforming, we can dare to be different.

That’s the work I do as a Freedom Catalyst and that’s the work I’ll be teaching you In Unrestrained Body.

My body speaks to me all the time.

Before going through Unrestrained Body, I was grateful for my body, but wanting to change it -make it stronger and healthier, but I was stuck on the execution of doing so.
I felt frustrated and waylaid.

My breakthrough happened in conversation with my body one night. It caused me to find a protocol that has, so far, been game-changing.

I wouldn’t have gotten there that quickly — maybe ever — if it had not been for the Unrestrained Body program. Thank you, Vanessa. Thank you for this work.

Lena West

Uncommon Business Growth Coach to Unapologetic Women Entrepreneurs,

Unrestrained Body Overview

100 days group coaching and sacred friendship

1x 30 private session

4 groups coaching calls

Weekly Live streams

A weekly embodiment practice to help you reconnect to your body

A daly writing reflective process

A daily check in

A 100 companion and timeless workbook

Something in you is calling for change.

I’m Vanessa Mentor, the Catalyst for your Power and Freedom.

My clients are soul-driven women who have lost their light and turned off, because they’ve been yelled at, abused erased and silenced, time and time again- and now, want to live in their highest power and freedom.

We come together against the cultural and patriarchal forces to create a new story that honors our legacy, sensuality, beauty and power.

Why do this work with me?

In all honesty and truth, Unrestrained Body is created for myself.

My life story, defined far more by hardships and restriction, than ease, had brought me here.

It’s more than work. It’s a celebration of my body and all women bodies. It’s a permission for my daughter to be herself.

It’s a commitment to change my lineage. It’s a reverence to the women who’ve walked before me.

It’s a promise to serve the women standing alongside me.

How does that make a difference for you?

Each time, I run Unrestrained Body, I go through it with you. I feel what you feel. I slip. I have breakthroughs, like you do.

By walking your walk, I gain more insights about your experience and mine which allows me to support you better.

I’m both the teacher and the student.

**Unrestrained body is now closed. Be the first to know when the next session opens for registration (May 2018), when you enter your info below**

How can I be sure that Unrestrained Body is for me?

Unrestrained Body is not for you if :

  • You are not willing to tell the truth about where you are.
  • You are not open to go far deeper and touch the shadows
  • You're not committed to take actions and do the work
  • You expect a quick fix.
  • You are stuck in victim mode and don't believe you can be beautiful, smart and sexy at any size.
  • You are looking for diet advice.


Unrestrained body is for you if :

  • You find it hard to connect and feel your body
  • You are tired of struggling to accept your body's size, weight and shape.
  • There are certain parts of your body that feel hard to look at or that you are ashamed of.
  • You are trying to learn to love your body again- but don't always know where to start.
  • You are trying to forgive your body and yourself and become one with it again.
  • You are uncomfortable around being seen and heard. You don't feel safe
  • You don't feel desirable and loved. Sex is hard.
  • You have a hard time connecting with your partner.
  • You are ready to create a new relationship with your body and yourself.




What if I fall behind or get stuck?

There's no falling behind with this work. It's a practice. You start over everyday.

That's why the daly check in inside the group is an important part of the process.

You also have the materials for life that you can revisit over and over. I guarantee that you'll get something new each time.


How much time should I plan per day/week for this program?

Most of this is work is experiential. You need to physically engage with the practice to heal and experience the change. The practice and rituals are meant to be integrated in your daily routine and structure.

I'm a single mom. I have a full time job while running a business, so while this work is deep - I have structured it in such a way that it doesn't overwhelm you or take over your life. Also remember, it's a practice you get to come back to over and over again.

There's gonna be a space where the community interacts and shares experiences. While I don't expect you to live your life there, I highly encourage you to visit and participate. My experience so far, is those who engaged the most in this space, tend to produce the most results.

I'll be there everyday in the group with my daily check in. The questions and insights that I'll be posting are very powerful and can create huge breakthrough when you sit with .


What will happen if I can't make the group calls?

The group calls will most likely happen on Saturday in the morning.

While the recording will be available, if you can't make it, I find it that the more you show up, the more you can receive.

It's your chance to ask questions, to give to other women and to receive.

You will also have the opportunities to send your questions or comments ahead of time.




Can I get a refund?

I invite you to read the sales page carefully so you can take the best decision possible( ask your body).

I have the knowledge and experience to support you in this journey and help you create the change that you want (if you do your part of the work), and for this reason, I cannot offer a refund.


Will you offer this program again?

Upcoming session  : May 2018



What technology do I need?
  • Internet access
  • Computer or tablet or smartphone


My body comes first.

Before, Unrestrained Body, My body and I were on a bit of a break, truth be told. I was feeling disconnected and disassociated.

She was last on my list…

I always understood that I was in relationship with my body, of course. Sometimes a sweet one, sometimes an unkind one, sometimes a loveless one. But when I started to think about her as the body of someone I loved, really loved, well, that changed everything for me.

I went ahead and reprioritized my body and put her at the top of my list, where she continues to live. It was a beautiful experience and Vanessa is a masterful guide.

Tanya Geisler

Leadership Coach

**Unrestrained body is now closed. Be the first to know when the next session opens for registration (May 2018), when you enter your info below**