Unrestrained  Body


Because no matter what you’ve been told or experienced your body is not the enemy.

UNRESTRAINED BODY is for the middle-age woman who’s at war with her body because in the past when she showed up as her big and bold self she’s been put down, abused, shamed, yelled at, silenced and erased.

It’s for women who feel unsafe and unseen because there are consequences to be a FREE woman.

It’s for women who are disconnected from their bodies, are having unsatisfying sex, hoarding their talent and experiencing huge discomfort being visible(in their personal and professional life).

Think of Unrestrained Body as your daily practice to go from body domination to body liberation.

100 Days
Designed to help you create a new story of love and trust with your body(and yourself)

A Sacred Practice

Created to help you show up for your body and yourself with devoted care and sacred attention.

A Sacred Conversation

Focused to help you see and receive yourself wholeheartedly.

Put Patriarchy in it’s place because your power is in the love for yourself

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    The Unrestrained Body Process

It’s not a quick fix.

It’s not about changing who you are.

It’s not about changing your size either.

It’s a practice that you get to bring into your life as your daily companion and check in.

Because loving your body Unconditionally is a daily commitment.




1. What was your relationship with your body before UB ? 

My relationship with my body before UB was one of dislike – too fat, too many scars, avoided looking at it mostly.

2. What did you learn in?

I learned to look at my body differently and appreciate all that it does for me and all the ways it works. I also learned that the choice is mine in how to relate to my body moving forward and what messages to believe about it.

  3. What did you feel?

I felt resistance at first. A lot of the negative emotions were deeply rooted from years of hating my body. But gradually through the daily and weekly practices my feelings shifted to a more positive place.

4. What actions did you take?

I am not much for journaling but I took the other actions recommended in the weekly handouts. It was very interesting to discover which of the practices resonated with me as though my body had been missing them without knowing.

5. What was your ah ah moments?

My a-ha moment really came with the timeline we did in week 1. I had repressed some of the memories of earlier negative messaging. I was aware of all my own negative messages post-cancer but it helped to dig into some of the memories from earlier times that set the stage for my later reaction to my changed body.


Uncommon Business Growth Coach to Unapologetic Women Entrepreneurs

1. What was your relationship with your body before UB ? 

Before going through Unrestrained Body, I was grateful for my body, but wanting to change it — make it stronger and healthier, but I was stuck on the execution of doing so.

False starts. Weak promises. And, confusion about where to begin.

I felt frustrated and waylaid.

2. What did you learn in?

I went through the Unrestrained Body program and I REALLY had some conversations with my body. Deep ones that I didn’t reveal to anyone else — not to Vanessa or any of the participants.

It’s going to sound odd, but I wanted some things to stay sacred.

  3. What did you feel?

It’s going to sound odd, but I wanted some things to stay sacred.

4. What actions did you take?

My breakthrough happened in conversation with my body one night. It caused me to find a protocol that has, so far, been game-changing.

5. What was your ah ah moments?

I wouldn’t have gotten there that quickly — maybe ever — if it had not been for the Unrestrained Body program. Thank you, Vanessa. Thank you for this work.




I’m Vanessa, a single mom and a Story Catalyst.

I work with women who want to love their body and who they are without conditions.

Why do this work with me?

In all honesty and truth, Unrestrained Body is created for myself.

My life story, defined far more by hardships and restriction, than ease, had brought me here.

It’s more than work. It’s a celebration of my body and all women bodies. It’s a permission for my daughter to be herself.

It’s a commitment to change my lineage. It’s a reverence to the women who’ve walked before me.

It’s a promise to serve the women standing alongside me.

How does that make a difference for you?

Each time, I run Unrestrained Body, I go through it with you. I feel what you feel. I slip. I have breakthroughs, like you do.

By walking your walk, I gain more insights about your experience and mine which allows me to support you better.

I’m both the teacher and the student.