Art Of Pleasure Dialogues


Vanessa Mentor in conversation

with Walker Thornton


April 8, 2018


Art of Pleasure Dialogues is a weekly intimate conversation with women who are reclaiming and exploring their pleasure. This week, I'm in conversation with Walker Thornton.

Walker Thornton is an author and public speaker with an emphasis on aging and sexuality. She helps audiences find ways to embrace this next stage of life with joy and abandon and a touch of practicality. Her approach to talking about sex and sexual health is refreshingly positive. Walker writes for several women’s websites; her book, Inviting Desire, a Guide for Women Who Want to Enhance Their Sex Life, can be found on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Smashwords and other online booksellers.

We explored

  1. What she's currently bored with and all the ways she's breaking from her routine.
  2. How the camera is helping her to experience her every day surroundings differently.
  3. The beliefs some women hold about just doing things purely for the pleasure of doing them.
  4. Her current relationship with pleasure and how it's making her become more assertive and connected in her romantic relationship.
  5. What pleasure really looks like when you have lots on your plate?
  6. How to bring more pleasure in our sexual encounter.

We also shared

Practices to increase your pleasure in general


Practices to increase your sexual pleasure


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Something delicious

Walker is trying her hands on writing erotic stories.

A book is about to birth.