Rise as the creator of your story.



You stop apologizing for your body.

You stop squeezing yourself in the box.

You stop leaving your desires behind.


Perhaps, you’re afraid that if you stop being the perfect woman” you’ll lose it all. But, you also know that this way of living is sucking the life out of you.

And you’re starting to realize that this calling for your liberation, freedom and power is not going away.

And I don’t want you to do this alone.

That’s why I do this work. Right now, you need a truth-teller, who’ve been there and done that, helping you to reconnect and remember your power and brilliance so that you can move and live in the world unapologetically you.

This work is not :


  • Therapy or mentorship or coaching(per se)
  • I’m not here to fix you/change you/or make you better.

This work is :


  • A sacred space where you can be witnessed, seen, supported and received.
  • A sacred practice to help you show up everyday for yourself and call back the forgotten and disconnected parts of your whole.
  • I mirror back what I see in you until you can see it for yourself so you can act from a space of freedom and power. I challenge the broken beliefs you have about yourself, share ideas, tools and practices.


Caveat – I  don’t have a magic wand and I believe that our healing process is never fully complete. 

Somedays you’re going to feel frustrated and slip. But, you have to make the promise to keep showing up…now and forever because it goes beyond the time frame of the work we’re doing here.


You’re creating a new way of being in life.

your journey

this is how we do it


You are tired and feel helpless.

I respect and meet you where you are through a safe and  sacred conversation.

It’s your time to be heard and seen.


At this stage, we’re turning on the light on your hidden treasures. You’re exploring what your new relationship with yourself(body, pleasure, freedom) is asking from you.


Even if you are uncomfortable, unsure and scared, your connection with this new way of being in your body, exploring your pleasure and moving in the world is growing stronger.

You’re practicing expressing your pain while harnessing the freedom of your future.


You’re stepping in deeper. It’s the practice of saying yes to everything that nourishes your body, mind, soul and life.


You are now ready to walk through the door on your own.


You are not alone

PLEASURE care kit

  • Exploring your relationship with pleasure
  • Evaluating your coping mechanism
  • Pleasure care plan
  • Make it easy

Unrestrained Body

  • Reclaim
  • Release
  • Redeem
  • Reimagine

Unrestrained Woman

  • Integrity
  • Presence
  • Feminine Leadership