October 16 – 20, 2018


Come and redefine yourself through the experience of Haiti.

Note : this event is still being finalized. Activities and Itinerary are subject to change due to availability or other circumstances.


Unrestrained Woman Retreat is an opportunity to take a bit of time for you – exploring and embracing your complexity and contradictions.

It’s an experience to listen. To ask questions and step into what it means to live freely and harmoniously with the forbidden – the uncomfortable – the forgotten sides of your humanness.

It’s a chance to release all preconceived notions that your path is linear and you need to consent to a frozen definition of who you are as a woman.

How it all started

Many years ago, I had a dream that one day I would open a wellness center in Haiti that would attract people from all over the world, traveling for my retreats.

Last year, Spirit and my Ancestors  revealed the bigger mission behind this dream : Tell the story of my land and heal her heart.

The pivotal moment came to me on January 12th 2018. In response to President Trump racist and dehumanizing comments about  Haiti, El Salvador and Countries of Africa, I have decided that to create a retreat and give foreigners who only “know”  Haiti from the news, the opportunity to have an intimate and human experience with this country – but from the perspective of her children.

Haiti’s story is one that have been marked by  struggles, hardships and sadness.  It’s the story of  a woman who’ve been erased, silenced, abused and rejected over and over again.   It’s the story of most women.

And it’s a story that we need to reclaim and re write.

I was chosen to take on this particular journey. And my gift is to tell the truth that we’re usually afraid to see and speak about.

My work is a calling for you + me + Haiti to bring to light those dark places from our past that we would rather leave unspoken and hidden.

Because taking ownership for our story gives us back our humanity, which creates the freedom to resist, to love and to rise.

This retreat is for the woman who :

Feels confused about her life

But in fact you’re angry and suffocating for giving your consent to unsatisfying relationships, soul sucking jobs & meaningless lifestyles.

Wants to be part of a sacred conversation.

You are redefining your Yes. Honoring your No and learning how to live in harmony with your contradictions.

Needs a burst of creativity and increased pleasure.

You’re looking for a space where you will safely be witnessed, seen, cared for and celebrated.

Considers diversity as a gift.

You’re intentionally looking for opportunities to connect and learn about marginalized and underprivileged groups and communities.


Your retreat starts the moment when you enroll

I’m creating a FB space when I get a committed group of 15 participants – so I can inspire and update you until the retreat begins.
It will also be a space where we can all connect and start the conversation about the retreat theme :thriving with your contradictions.
My intention is to create a custom tailor experience for you. That’s why I’m also going to schedule 2 Q & A  Calls so that I get to know you better and help you prepare for this new exquisite adventure.
I believe with a quality connection with each, we will stir the energy and begin to create a magical experience in Haiti.

Daily adventures to the land of your body.

You’re going to dive into the riches of your body and listen to  its innate guidance trough the sensuous Haitian Folklore Dance, guided movement and  restorative yoga.

Our time together includes a half day of an intimate guided conversation + teaching  facilitated by MOI, your host.  It’s going to be an exploration of how to live in harmony with our contradictions and cycles as women and human.

A visit to the Musée du Pantheon National Haitien (MUPANAH) that houses one of the most incredible collections of historic artifacts found anywhere in the Caribbean. Followed by a Caribbean fusion lunch in Les Jardins du Mupanah(which is a must see in down town Port-au-Prince)

5 nights at the exquisite Karibe Hotel.

Karibe Hotel located in Juvenat, a neighborhood known for its quiet charms, is a few minutes from the main centers of activity of Port-au-Prince and Pétion-Ville and not far from the international airport. Its historic building, its structure and decor were designed by local architect and artists, and its vast lush gardens make the Karibe Hotel a real gem in the capital.

Sacred circle to listen and connect trough the sharing of stories.

You’ll gather with an intimate group of Haitian women (artists, creatives, professionals and entrepreneurs) to meet the many faces of Haitian womanhood and explore how the stories that will be shared also reveal aspects of your own story.  Stories ignite the truth in us and it’s a beautiful act of sovereignty and liberation.

Soul enriching, eco-friendly activities and excursions.

The retreat includes an outgoing to the beautiful Kenscoff mountains to connect with mother earth, the an environment and ourselves( walk in nature gardening…), an Haitian cooking experience and crafts making with local artists.

We’re going to Meet and Greet the kids of “Ecole Nouvelle Zorange”. This school is located near the commune of Cité Soleil, most impoverished area of Port-au -Prince . Because I believe in giving back and making your money counts, 5% of all profits made from this retreat will be donated to the school.

Caribbean welcome diner + Kompas farewell party

It’s the 22nd. You’ve landed in Port-au-Prince. A Private chauffeur +  my awesome event planner come and pick you up at the airport. You check into Karibe Hotel, settled in.  At 7pm, finally , we all meet for a sumptuous welcome diner.

But ,wait! It’s not over. You’re not going back home without experiencing our famous Kompa music.  On the 26th, our last night together , I’m throwing in your honor a memorable party. Beautiful decor, delicious food, good music, interesting people, laughs… you don’t want to miss this elixir.



  • Airfare or other transportation to/from Haiti.
  • Transportation outside of retreat activities.
  • 4 dinners  ($25 or less per meal).
  • Alcoholic beverages outside of hosted parties.
  • Spa treatment.
  • Trip insurance.


Vanessa Mentor

I enter most spaces as a Black Haitian Woman and single mother.

On a daily basis, I’m navigating between different roles: Truth Teller, Bullshit Averse & Warrior.

I’m also the Creator of Unrestrained Body- a sacred practice for women who want to rewrite the story with their bodies.

For a long time, I’ve identified with being a strong and serious woman. That’s how must people see me.
That’s the side most people know about me.

But for the past two years, I’ve discovered a witty, sassy , liberal and fun side in me.

I believe that it was always there but I’ve suppressed it or believed that the two could not live harmoniously together.
I had to either portray to the nice , professional – serious woman archetype or the liberal – freak – non conformist one.

But. I was never one or another. I was all of that and then some.  That’s when I’ve decided to stop the fight.

I’ve realized that since my early childhood – this is what I’ve been reclaiming : the freedom to be me in all aspects of my life.

And every experience I’ve had was a practice to my liberation.  And a step forward to the work that I’m currently doing with women.

I’m colorful.
Some days , I’m a freak
Other the days,  I’m a fierce warrior.
I’m honoring all of my contradictions.

I was chosen to take on this particular journey. And my gift is to tell the truth that we’re usually afraid to see and speak about.

My work is a calling for you + me + Haiti to bring to light those dark places from our past that we would rather leave unspoken and hidden.

Because taking ownership for our story gives us back our humanity, which creates the freedom to resist, to love and to rise.

Let’s explore and create a new story together.


The retreat is limited to 15 women.

You will stay in beautifully decorated designed rooms and you can choose either shared accommodation ( highly encouraged) (double) or private upgrade.

This is an all inclusive experience except 3 dinners.

Attending the retreat is $2,500 – $ 3,000 depending on which accommodation you choose. You can divide your payment into a series of  monthly installments.



$2, 500 (1 Payment in full or 4 payments of $ 650 balance due two weeks before retreat arrival.)



$3, 000 (1 Payment in full or 4 payments of $ 780 balance due two weeks before retreat arrival.)

Payment plans begin on the month following registration.


You’ll get a response in 1-2 days. If you have any questions, or would like to make alternate arrangements for your payment, please send a note to: vanessa@vanessamentor.com . Thank you!


Before June 16th, If you need to cancel because you’re dealing with a serious illness/medical crisis, I can refund the amount paid minus a $350 administration fee or switch you into another retreat (if there’s space).

From June 16th –  August 17th : There are no refunds, but if the retreat is sold-out, we will invite someone from our waitlist. If we are able to find a replacement, we will refund the amount paid minus a $350 administration fee.

After August 17th: There are no refunds.

Let’s wander