Becoming Unrestrained Immersive

A custom one day retreat designed to help you reclaim your body and reimagine the WOMAN living inside of you.


My Beloved


For all the times :

You say “don’t look at my tummy” when having sex because you feel embarrassed.

You hide because you’re afraid of being perceived a certain way by “they”.

You tuck your desires – minimizing yourself  because you’re trying to satisfy other people’s needs.

You let motherhood quiet your womanhood because the culture celebrates “mothers” and not women.


For all those times, I’m inviting you to heal and call back your sovereignty…your FREEDOM.

Because as you are feeling the constant pressure to measure up to the perfect woman myth, you are losing who you truly are dying  slowly – which is the opposite of what you really want.

You are angry – so angry that your soul screams in the night.

.You freaking want to shake off the old and step into a new story where you finally dare to be just what you are…moving toward your gloriousness.


You want to Become Unrestrained.

I want that for you, too. That’s what I’m doing for myself.

And that's what we’re going to work through together

Over this nourishing – beautiful day.

Vanessa has a lot of skilled ability to see people on multiple levels and not  everybody has the ability to see beyond or the inclination.

She’s a masterful guide.” – Tanya Geisler.

Walk through the door

I’m going with you. Because this work requires a massive calling from you and me.

And together, we will rise.

Becoming Unrestrained Immersive


A warm, nourishing and inviting experience that enables you to open up, move through the pain, reconnect with your body, see the truth of who you are and forge a new path for the new story that is calling you forth.



Clear the clutter. Get in a cozy spot or better, do a little a gate – away.

Bring your favorite cup, pillows, blanket , flowers…

Dress like the woman you want to embody.


There’s gonna be tea, nourishing food, luxurious candles, sensual dance, emotional clearing, laughter, sacred conversations, rituals…

At the end of this experience : you are clear … and you’re returning to your life intimately closer to your body, fiercely connected to your desires and powerfully YOU.



Your journey starts by expressing your intention to go on the Immersive by filling out an application

I review your application to determine if we’re a match. If we are a good fit, you make your payment to secure your day and we follow the four- step process below.

Sacred Conversation

 We connect via Zoom for a 60 mns sacred conversation a week and 1/2 before your immersive to visit what’s coming to a close and prepare you for what’s coming ahead.


Exquisite gifts for your day

I’m sending you stuff in the mail(because we’re all a bit tired of digital).Beautiful things you can touch, feel and use for this day and after.


 Guided Experiences. Sacred Rituals. Truthful Conversations to help you craft a new story for your body and yourself.

Sacred Accountability - Post Immersive

You did it and now it’s time to integrate. It’s a sensitive time that requires some extra support. I’m here.

What we'll do

Nobody knows what you need better than you do.

I strongly believe that when you remove yourself from the perpetual the noise you can hear and see what needs healing, completion, and reconstruction.

And that’s why my work during this day is focused on creating the space and container for you to listen to what is calling you right here and now( or maybe it has been calling you for years), trust and ACT.

In other words:

Bring all of yourself

Bring your sovereignty

This journey was created for you.

Vanessa lives what she teaches and shows us by her actions what is possible. And her ability to so quickly push through the fear and impostor complex to move forward with her vision is amazing. Robyn Halloway



My clients are soul-driven women who have lost their light and turned off, because they’ve been yelled at, abused erased and silenced, time and time again- and now, are ready to reclaim what they want, desire and need.

And I can assure you that there’s nobody who knows this stuff like I do ( what a woman wants and needs).

We come together against the cultural and patriarchal forces to create a new story that honors our legacy, sensuality, beauty and power.



Take a step everyday

Do something everyday

Something loving toward your body.

Something compassionate toward yourself.

Something brave toward your dreams.

Do something groundbreaking toward your Freedom.