women living unrestrained

Be the agent of your destiny

Getting out of the box the world has squeezed you in

You want to embrace the power of who you are and live life on your own terms.

Maybe you are longing for greater sex and juicier connection with your partner.  Maybe you are hungry for what makes you feel joyful and powerful.  Maybe you want to give yourself permission to step into your greater potential.

But there’s one problem :

You are holding yourself back because the world has made you believe that you need to be the “perfect woman ” in order to be valuable and worthy. Consequently , who you are right now doesn’t deserve to be happy and access what you want.

It’s a constant pressure to measure up to society oppressive standards and give away our FREEDOM.

How can we compete with that? when it’s a story that we’ve been taught and internalized for years.

I believe that we do that by unlearning, reconditioning and retraining ourselves to believe that we are valuable and magnificent as we are and where we are.

Step by step

You make love naked with lights on. You eat when you’re hungry. You rest when you’re tired. You nourish your body

You wear clothes that you love. You ask for what you want.You feel all of your feelings. You love your money.

Little by little

You debunk the old stories that were lies all along. You reframe your self talk. You let go of the box

You take up space, you speak up and you let yourself be seen.

When you do that you take back your power and freedom.

…and day by day, you are living Unrestrained.



That’s the work I commit to. And that’s what I do for you.

I’m Vanessa Mentor, Bullshit Averse, Freedom Catalyst, student.

Creator of Women Living Unrestrained experience.

I help women like you, heal your relationship with your body, release the perfect woman story and embrace your freedom.

In all honesty and truth, Women Living Unrestrained  is created for myself. I came to this work, after years of hardships, melt down and restriction.

I’ve spent most of my life in the endless cycle of losing weight and gaining weight – keeping myself in the loop,  waiting for the day that I would have the perfect body and the perfect life. It never arrived.

I was constantly wearing a mask to the extent that I’ve completely disconnected with my true self and the voice of my body. Playing by the rules came also with it’s share of self-loathing and feeling not ready enough, not good enough. 

I was one person on the inside and another on the outside. Tough in my professional life, I was seen as confident and strong – but in my relationships with men and my money I was totally insecure and messing things up.

I was stuck and couldn’t get out. It took the physical and emotional abuse of my last relationship – to get me unhooked.


I did. I dig deep. I got clear… Since then, I’ve immersed myself in unravelling and healing my story. Living Unrestrained is the practice that have helped me redefine my self-worth, find the beauty inside of me and trust myself and my body.

‘I’ve realized that since my early childhood – I’ve been reclaiming the freedom to be me in all aspects of my life.

This work is more thank work.

It’s a celebration of my womanhood and a permission for my daughter to be herself.

It’s a promise to stand beside you and support you in becoming Unrestrained…

Every journey starts with a first step.


Pleasure Care Kit

This the beginning of your journey. And you’re planting the seed for self-care/self-love.

Unrestrained Body

For when you need to stop apologizing for your body and start redefining your relationship with her as someone you deeply love.


Unrestrained Woman

For when you’re ready to reclaim sovereignty over your life.

6 more things

About me – you might want to know.

My boss is 6 years old

My boss is 6 years old

And she’s tough and sassy, and, and, and… Pray for me people!

I'm also a professional banker

I'm also a professional banker

For 16 years now – I’ve been a professional banker with an expertise in customer service/customer experience

I'm Haitian & my full name is Marie Elena Vanessa

I'm Haitian & my full name is Marie Elena Vanessa

Marie because of my mom’s devotion for mother Marie

Elena because my mom’s best friend was named (Marie Helen)

Vanessa because my brother was in love with a Vanessa in Pre K.

Spirituality is a big part of my life

Spirituality is a big part of my life

My practice is simple. Prayers, moments of silence and connecting with the invisible forces.

At 19 I auditioned for a national pageant

At 19 I auditioned for a national pageant

I was extremely shy ( body image + self esteem issues ) and I knew If I dared to be on national TV for a month – I would become a different type of woman.  I did just that and finished strong.

Other interesting stuff

Other interesting stuff

Coffee + food lover.  Introvert – I need huge amounts of alone time and space.

I’m sapiosexual ( meaning the brain of a man can also give me an orgasm).

Intimacy = fart comfortably in his presence.

Masturbate ! Masturbate ! Masturbate.

I geek on all things : Psychology + Human behavior + Marketing + spirituality





A weekly intimate + juicy  conversation where I explore with women from all walks of life what it means to live a life of pleasure.

We debunk old stories that keep us stuck in self-depletion. We share uncomplicated self-love / self-care practices that will make you feel more alive, sexy and hopeful.