Women Living Unrestrained

We take the mask off.

We stay real with who we are.

Women Living Unrestrained

We speak up.

Our truth matters more than our fears.

Women Living Unrestrained


We live in our bodies.

We listen, trust and nourish ourselves.

Women Living Unrestrained


We feed our pleasure.

Pleasure is a force to be reckon with.

Women Living Unrestrained


We stand in sisterhood.

We don’t compete with other women. We stand up together.

become unrestrained

here’s what I know about you

You feel confused and overwhelmed about your life.

But in fact, you are angry!  Angry of hiding, sacrificing your needs, and not living life the way you want to. On the outside people see you as confident and caring but the truth is you are tired of trying to fix your body – downright resentful of trying to please everyone –  and have no idea of who you are anymore.

Some days you feel amazingly sexy – walking around determined to take on the world and other days you are stuck in the fear of not being perfect.

And above all, you’re afraid that you’ll never be loved physically ( sex in particular) because of this self-hate.

And it’s so so freaking exhausting.

And I want you to know that there's nothing wrong with you.

You are not alone. I’m that woman above and this is the story of many women…

There are some huge self-esteem and self-worth issues that come with being taught that you’re not good enough the way you are.

Women everywhere have been raised to believe that their role is to be “perfect” in order to be valuable and worthy.


I call it the perfect woman story. An illusion created by Patriarchy and colonization to keep you hostage. And it creates tension between the story you have been internalized – and your desire to create a new story.

But, we don’t have to keep accepting the assault.

There’s a another way…

My name is Vanessa Mentor

I’m the catalyst for your freedom and power.

My clients are women who want to feel sexy in their body, have unshakable confidence and live free.

I help them release the “perfect woman”story,  prioritize their self-care, be friend with their body, and move to the next grand vision of their life.

Meet Me


Haitian-Woman, Mom, Bullshit Averse,Truth Teller, Warrior,

In other words, I’m becoming Unrestrained.

You + Me


Sacred experiences and safe one on one guidance to support you in becoming Unrestrained.

Listen In


You’re talking about self-care all the time, but are you having the right conversations? Intimate – fun conversations with women who are exploring what it means to be in their pleasure.

You are worth being loved

You are worth being loved

  This short snippet of inspiration was originally published on July 23rd, 2018  in French ( my native language) on my private Facebook page. Below you'll find both the English and French Version. Enjoy! I realize that the more I live with the fear of...

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Loving your body is so much more what than what your body looks like in a swimsuit.


You don’t have to do anything to earn your self-worth.


You have the power to reinvent yourself and change your story.



A weekly intimate + juicy  conversation where I explore with women from all walks of life what it means to live a life of pleasure.

We debunk old stories that keep us stuck in self-depletion. We share uncomplicated self-love / self-care practices that will make you feel more alive, sexy and hopeful.