Becoming Unrestrained



A Liberated & Love Journey for Women in their 40’s who’ve lost sight of who they truly are.



You are tired of playing the perfect Woman Game.


Because Playing this game is keeping you :

Running away from yourself and your body, ignoring your inner rhythms  & pushing away your natural strengths.

Silent so others won’t feel comfortable, adopting roles & dimming  your light so they won’t take offense.

Working harder to create the perfect life, the perfect house, the perfect kids, the perfect career so you can be Happy. Worthy. Loved

The truth is you’ve been sold a story by Patriarchy.


A myth that creates a viscous and insatiable cycle of never feeling good enough no matter what you do.

A story that denies your Divine Essence.

A story holding you hostage from living an indulging – Unrestrained Love Experience with yourself.

Thankfully, your Heart + Soul never stopped speaking to you. And you can finally listen.

It’s time to let go of the Rules.

Because your LIFE.

It’s time to honor your Sacred Temple.

Because your BODY.

It’s time to redeem & reclaim your Truth.

Because your STORY.

Hey, I’m Vanessa Mentor

Mom, Story Catalyst, Conversation Creator, Space Holder.


I believe that you came on earth holy and whole.


I believe that you life is sacred and your story worth telling.


I believe that your lineage should remember you. Your legacy is worth perpetuating.

Let me walk by your side on this journey, holding the space for you as we untie the ins and outs of that story and write your new story of truth, love and self-compassion.